ILSFA World Record #07

Lemon Shark - Florida - Melissa Showman

L-R: Peter Barrett, Angler - Melissa Showman, Keith Jacobson




USA State:


Florida Location:

Port St. Lucie


Species & Line Class:

lemon (Negaprion brevirostris) / 200 lb / Ulimited / All-Tackle


Total Length:

116 inches / 9 feet, 8 inches


Fork Length:

96 inches / 8 feet



52 inches / 4 feet, 4 inches


Estimated Formula Weight = fork length X (girth X girth) / 800:

Estimated Weight = 324 lbs


Date of Capture:

April 07, 2009





Angler / Team:

Melissa D. Showman / Team


Additional Record Info:

Melissa recounts this successful catch & release:


"While fishing the 2009 Hammerhead Challenge, I managed to catch this monster 9ft 8 in. lemon. To be totally honest, I don't really remember that exact lemon. We caught so many that tournament it was unbelievable. I had caught a huge 9ft 9in lemon and was so excited and in a hurry to get him back in the water that we forgot to take the girth so was unable to summit that one. No surprise you always remember the biggest ones. Go figure!!


I do know I was super stoked that night because I also caught my very 1st hammerhead, even if she wasn't that big. Our team worked our asses off during that tournament and even though we didn't get the biggest fish, we did get some good memories and placed in a lot of award categories. During this tournament I managed to chase down a runaway rod that was left in gear and ended up in knee deep water and almost didn't catch it. We saw blacktips so thick you could've walked across them and even managed to toss a lemon a bait in shin deep water and watch him pick it up. The best would have to be, being able to submit one of these sharks in a record slot. Even more to be the 1st female.


I was pretty much pushed into shark fishing a couple years ago. Pete had taken to the sport and I found most of our time was spent on the beach watching him fish. I figure if you cant beat 'em, join 'em. After beaching my 1st shark, a little bull, I was pretty much hooked. Next thing you know we're in tournaments. I might not row out baits because I don't have to or tie my own leaders. Quite frankly, my leader tying skills suck. And I couldn't name one person that wouldn't jump at the chance to have someone else row their baits. But I have put in a lot of time and dedication to my team, and I have spent my time on the beach when others have bailed out. I have dragged yaks and bricks and gear down the beach and then back up.


I'm only lucky to have Pete as a team mate. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be catching these monsters. He has put in the time, research and hard work to be able to zero in on these monsters for me to catch. He even provides the gear. He doesn't get much credit for the work he does and the skills that he has for land-based shark fishing. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him recognized for all the sharks he has caught and will no doubt catch in the future ".


Another Penn Senator reel setting records.
Melissa and team display the importance of accurate measurements for data gathering, estimated weight formulas and world record submissions.