ILSFA World Record #03

Great Hammerhead Shark - Florida - Josh Emerson

Josh Emerson (at tail) and fellow members of Team OldSkool Jr.








Jensen Beach


Species & Line Class:

great hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran) / 130 lb / All-Tackle





Total Length:

145 inches / 12 feet, 1 inch


Fork Length:

117 inches / 9 feet, 9 inches



72 inches / 6 feet


Estimated Formula Weight = fork length X (girth X girth) / 800:

Estimated Weight = 758 lbs


Date of Capture:

April 22, 2008


Released Y/N:



Angler / Club / Team:

Josh Emerson / Team OldSkool Jr.


Additional Record Info:

Team Leader, Mike Palmer reflects on the capture of this new world record:


"The team fished a 12/0 loaded with 125# Triplefish line that was spooled down to the last 10 wraps on the hub during the first run! The bait was placed 100 yards offshore. It acted weird from then on, just a stalemate fight with nothing really happening. He gained all the line back in after 1 hour and 40 minutes, only to discover a dead pec fin hooked hammerhead. This speices is known to fight to the death, but dying after just that blistering fist run, leads me to believe that shark was sick, due to its color. It wasn't hooked deep or even in the mouth. Some hammers will die on us, but the team did all they could to prevent that. It was a sad day, but it also gave us great knowledge of these creatures. These sharks obtain great weights and extreme body mass. In recent years, some of these sharks have been weighed at over 1000 pounds or better, and might only be 12-14 feet long. It changed the way I look at them. Props go out to the young Team Oldskool Jr. and Josh Emerson for that awesome catch. We gained a great deal of knowledge.

World Record Angler, Josh Emerson, deep in the heat of battle with team member, Josh Maib, watching his back.
The team takes this rare opportunity to document this catch in greater detail.
Image of fork length measurement.
Angler, Josh Emerson.
A mature male great hammerhead shark.