ILSFA World Record #02

Tiger Shark - Florida - Mike Palmer

Team Oldskool co-founder, Zac Meyer, enjoys a parting shot as bystanders look on from a safe distance








Vero Beach


Species & Line Class:

tiger (Galeocerdo cuvier) / 130 lb / All-Tackle


Total Length:

120 inches / 10 feet


Fork Length:

98 inches / 8 feet, 2 inches



56.5 inches / 4 feet, 8.5 inches


Estimated Formula Weight = fork length X (girth X girth) / 800:

Estimated Weight = 391 lb


Date of Capture:

May 2, 2007


Released Y/N:



Angler / Team:

Mike Palmer / Team OldSkool


Additional Record Info:

Mike Palmer remarks on the successful catch and release of this new world record fish:


"Here's the pics I have. It was a fine time for our Kodak to take a dive on us ... may she r.i.p. Ya gotta remember we were tourney fishing so we get the fish in, take a pic and get another one -- very quickly, I might add. No money shots -- just a point shots in this case. We did get some extra pics from bystanders on their cell phones. We used bluefish for bait and had this fish bite when Zac was taking another bait out. He was 20 yards away when he stopped to see I was hooked up. It acted like a nurse so he continued taking the bait out. I had this fish to the beach in about 5 min -- a straight shot in. The fish did not move side to side at all and continued just like a nurse. I hammered down on the drag, wanting to get it in and release it before Zac got back in so I could re-rig to set one more bait out. Then I waited for the tail wag. Then it happened and it looked funny! Hell yeah! It was a tiger tail! And a pretty fish. Zac got back in, grabbed the leader and she went ballistic on us swimming around zac wrapping him up in the leader -- pretty funny this fish coming to life in ankle deep water. I threw the rod down and we got its tail and drug it up. This fish was caught on the second week of July by another team fishing the tournament 10 miles away from where we caught it. It had the same scars on the tail -- a happy ending. The fish was released both times."

A beautiful specimen sporting its distinguishing markings
The team acts quickly to document the catch for a healthy release
Team OldSkool: Zac Meyer (left) & Mike Palmer (right) with a tiger by the tail.