Pioneering World Records for Released Sharks Since 2006

As a leader in forward-thinking strategies to combinine the goals of sport, science and conservation, ILSFA Founder, Sean Paxton and Co-Founder, Brooks Paxton, have worked closely with anglers, scientists, researchers and resource management leaders in devising a comprehensive approach to recognizing worthy accomplishments in the evolving world of shark-release fishing.


Additional lnks on the upper left menu bar provide details and requirements for documenting and submitting a potential shark release world record including the Book of Rules and the Record Application Form; both of which are definitive sources of information.


We also invite you to visit the Hall of Records, which is available for anyone interested in learning more about how these extreme angling accomplishments are recognized.



As Association founder, I would like to acknowledge some inspiration the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has provided me over the years. When setting out to launch the Int'l Land-Based Shark Fishing Association in 2006, I referenced the IGFA as a guide in authoring this book of rules. Anyone familiar with the IGFA will find similarities in format, particularly, in terms of the reasonable and practical amount of due diligence required in the submission and verification of claims, and exercised in the issuance or denial of record applications.


Where I differed in philosophy is that the ILSFA is an exclusively all-release organization with no requirement for anglers to unduly handle, stress or kill fish for the purpose of weighing them in an attempt to submit and potentially qualify for a world record. The ILSFA has adopted alternative methods for anglers to submit potential records and for the Association to examine submissions for certification or denial.


The ILSFA’s reason for being is to honor the history of the sport and to play a role in the stewardship of its future, while also recognizing notable angling feats through the certification of world records, and to do so in a manner that has little or no detrimental effect on shark populations. In some cases, and in certain geographic regions, these populations are in unsustainable states of decline due to a variety of factors including overfishing. As a result, the ILSFA aims to also advocate for the highest standard of responsible angling, ethics and best practices in the sport of Land-Based Shark Fishing.


ILSFA Founder - Sean Paxton