New ILSFA All-Tackle World Record Officially Certified by Association Founders and fellow Committee Members.


Angler, Joseph Polk of Team True Blue, has secured another certified World Record for a tiger shark he successfully captured and released in Florida's Panhandle region. The official estimated formula weight for this new all-tackle world record is 1,040 pounds.


Joey and the team's extensive experience has resulted in countless successful tag and release captures, organized tournament wins and several standing ILSFA world records. These efforts, carried out over many years, serve as an example of how the sport can and should be enjoyed responsibly and sustainably, while also benefitting the scientific study, and understanding of the important role these vitally important predators serve in the marine environment.


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About the ILSFA

The International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association was originally conceived by its founder, Sean Paxton, in 2000. Over the next few years, he further developed the concept with his Brother, Brooks. On Memorial Day, 2006, with the support and involvement of some of the world's most accomplished big game anglers, including the founding father of recreational shark fishing, Frank "the Monster Man" Mundus, the Association was formally launched. It is the first and only organization to certify, issue and maintain world records for released sharks. 


The Paxton's vision for the organization was, “To unify the uniquely challenging sport of Land-Based Shark Fishing and its anglers by establishing standards for the compilation and recognition of world records for released sharks; while also promoting, through research, education and practice, the responsible enjoyment and stewardship of our marine and coastal resources through an established standard of best practices and a promoted sustinability ethic." Sean and Brooks Paxton, also known as the Shark Brothers are widely recognized as pioneering innovators of recreational shark-release fishing methods, wildlife advocacy and sporting best practices, shark-release tournament formats and public perception of these animals. 


They share their duties on the ILSFA Lead Committee with accomplished anglers and personalities: Zach "Hammer" Miller, Jim Adam, Josh Jorgensen, Jeff Shindle, Gabriel Smeby, Justin Lerner and Tom Kieras. The Lead Committee is responsible for the review and certification of world records, as well as the oversight of rules and best practice policies for the sport. 


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JANUARY 1, 2012

North Port, FL


As of January 1st of 2012, the ILSFA will no longer accept record applications for sharks not released. With that said, our respect and support for angler's rights including decisions to legally possess fish remains.


Prior to and since launching in 2006, the ILSFA and its founders have maintained a high regard and respect for angler's rights worldwide. These rights include an individual's decision to legally keep or release fish. For more than a decade now, practitioners of this sport in the United States and abroad have taken a lead role in promoting sustainable practices including catch-and-release. They have also taken proactive steps to collaborate with the scientific community in efforts to better understand the many species of sharks that inhabit the ocean's nearshore waters. These are the core factors that inspired the launch of this organization.


While the ILSFA maintains certified world records for sharks kept by anglers, they represent a fractional portion of all submissions; a fact stated solely for fact's sake. In early 2011 this was, however, taken into careful consideration, along with a refocus on what sets the ILSFA apart from all other world-record keeping organizations. It was the first, and remains the only organization, founded on an accepted method to officially reward anglers for their efforts by certifying world records for sharks they release back to the wild.



Sean Paxton, Founder

Brooks Paxton II, Co-Founder

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